For Paul, on the eve of the 32nd birthday, he once again experienced bitter.

Will the contract expire? this is a problem.

The Clippers are not suitable for Paul

The Clippers may give Paul a five-year salary contract, nba jerseys cheap for the Clippers, even though Paul can not let the team to a new level, but in any case, he is the Clippers in the summer the best choice. After all, the current league less star and pay, you do not want to give, some people willing to give.

Paul is also hesitant, after all, 32 years old, the contract is almost equivalent to the last big career contract, but also a lucrative pension contract. Therefore, from the "money" point of view, basketball Jerseys cheap stay in the Clippers should be an inevitable choice. After all, no one will be with the tens of millions of dollars make life difficult. But the question is, is it really right to stay in the Clippers?

the answer is negative.

In 2011, Paul joined the Clippers, joined Griffin plus a small Jordan, each season are considered to be favorites. Want to come so, Paul was the first point guard, Griffin is by virtue of the amazing physical fitness, is expected to become the first major forward, plus small Jordan inside the iron wall, which is definitely won the configuration. Especially in 2014, with Ballmer instead of Stirling approach, the Clippers is to reach the rich and powerful situation. Youth basketball jerseys Not bad money, there are enough excellent configuration, to win the total logical. But the Clippers are embarrassed that the 2015 playoffs, the Clippers tragically rocket shaking big comeback, so that after all, Paul missed the floor.


2016 playoffs, Paul and Griffin both injured, the Clippers first round out. Until 2017, the Clippers suffered the same situation again, Griffin's accidental injury led to his season reimbursement, which led to the Clippers completely collapse. Paul has actually done enough effort, averaging 27 points and 10.4 assists, he tried to carry the team, the Clippers still can not escape the sinking of the bad luck.

Stay in the Clippers whether there is a future? The answer is no future, even if Ballmer at the luxury tax strong Paul, Griffin and Redick, compared to this season, stephen curry t-shirt the Clippers lineup is still not much change, and the past few seasons have repeatedly proved, Clippers just seem to have the title of the strength of it, really a real gun, the Clippers is a war and five slag of the team. Year of the West to worry about heartbroken, do not consider, since memorable, it is necessary to stay the Clippers for five years, I am afraid you want to Biechu internal injuries.

So where does the problem come from?

Western team nowhere to follow

In the case of today's values, it is not shameful to hold the thighs, so for Paul, if he is really painful and determined to leave, he must be a team that can be crowned. Just look at the top eight of the West team, Paul really is nowhere to follow. Warriors have the library, the Spurs did not have enough salary space, the Rockets have Harden, Jazz the same salary space is not enough, the Thunder has Wei less, the Grizzlies have Conley, the Blazers also have Lalade ... ... so we clearly found, West of the top eight of the team, nba shorts cheap really did not have a team to accept Paul.

So choose those who have the potential of the team? Such as pelicans and forest wolves. Back to New Orleans try? Where Davis and Cousins, only a good point guard, perhaps let the two top inside the formation of a better linkage. In theory, Paul + Davis + Cousins, with the Warriors Spurs Rockets three strong ability to break the wrist. But we do not forget, then Paul + Griffin + small Jordan, also placed such a high expectations. From the bleak experience of the lesson, Paul went to the pelican, nba all star jerseys is not a good choice, I am afraid Paul + Davis + Cousins ​​combination, at best can only do the current Clippers.

How is the Timberwolves? Minnesota lineup enviable, Lavin, Downs and Vickers, the three young players, have shown their extraordinary talent. The problem with the Timberwolves is that they have missed the playoffs for 13 consecutive years. Let Paul go here to engage in technology to help the poor, really okay?


It is thus clear that if Paul wants to be closer to realizing his dream, the west will not work, only eastward.

Miami Bucks or a good choice

To the east and how to choose? Heat is a good choice. At present the Heat already have Whitehead, this season he is NBA rebounding king, the cap is ranked fourth, light from the data point of view even slightly better than Jordan. More importantly, Whitehead is averaging 17 points this season, and free throw percentage is also maintained at more than 6 percent, it is clear that theoretically stronger than the small Jordan there. In addition, the Heat have a lot of physical quality excellent birds and beasts. And Riley long sleeve good dance, know how to Stephen Curry Hoodie, so if Paul to the Heat, and the formation of 1 + 1> 2 side effect, Riley is likely to bring back the team for the third giant.

And the Bucks, everything is ready, only out of control. After all, when a team can only use the De La Vitoria and Bogarten to play a point guard, itself shows that in this position, is a huge weakness. And most of the Bucks players are very young, need a mentor to teach.

Compared to the other eastern team, the Heat and the Bucks are relatively perfect choice, then there is absolutely perfect?

Cavaliers is the best choice

In the case of Paul, he wanted to find a team that had both the ability to bring him the championship and the salary he was able to meet. Knight, is undoubtedly the best choice. First with the return of Zhanhuang, Cavaliers is like the east hegemony, can not be overcome. NBA Jerseys Store Second, the relationship between Paul and James is very iron, with the dust of the two men of the two very good friends, friends play together, is likely to produce a substantial increase in combat effectiveness.


Taking into account the Cavaliers salary has been exploded, Paul is a free agent, so want to bare sign is impossible. The only way is through the first sign, the deal over Paul. In the knight, if really want to get Paul, then in addition to the three giants outside of any player, should have been as a chip.

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