In the second round of the Eastern District 3, Cleveland Cavaliers to 115-94 victory over the Toronto Raptors, LeBron - James continue to write a new record. His field, career playoff total hit number more than Shaquille O'Neal, rose to the history of the first three.


The field before the playoff career in James played a total of 2038 ball, ranked fourth in history, from the third O'Neill (2041) only 3 balls.

The first quarter of James hit 2 goals. After a brief break, James first section of the first layup succeeded, nba jerseys cheap tied O'Neill. This section 10 minutes and 12 seconds, the historic moment finally come. James outside the face of the ball against the ball, after two consecutive tour, decisively dry pull out the ball, the ball crashed into the net. With this note three points, James finally completed the transcendence of O'Neill.


The audience, James 16 vote in 9, career playoffs hit the number increased to 2047 balls. At present, ranked in the playoff history of the total number of hits in the top two, LeBron James jersey cheap respectively, Karim - Abdul - Khabarov (2356 goals) and Michael - Jordan (2188 ball).


Congratulations to James!