Spurs jersey guard Tony Parker has received a nuclear magnetic resonance examination, the results show that the left quadratic tendon rupture, the Spurs official announced that Parker will miss the remaining season.

Spurs officially announced Park season reimbursement


Spurs official wrote in a statement: "Tony - Parker local time this morning has been accepted in the San Antonio nuclear magnetic resonance examination, the test results show that Parker left quadrilateral tendon rupture, he is in the semi-final second game final After eight and 52 seconds of injury, youth basketball jerseys Parker will determine the absence of the remaining game, and his comeback schedule will be announced later.


The Spurs in the second semi-final to 121-96 victory over the rocket, the total score at 1-1 level, but the team was simply not up, in the fourth quarter, Parker in an attack fell to the ground, From the time of the screen, Parker did not and other players have too much physical contact, but the "French sports car" has been clutching his knees, expression of pain, and ultimately he was teammates Dai De Meng and De Zhang Tai - Murray out of the field, Parker was carried into the process of the players channel, the scene fans also shouted his name, for its fueled.


At the end of the game, Spurs coach Popovich also said: "The situation is not good."


In the game, Parker played 26 minutes, 13 shots in 8 to get 18 points 3 rebounds and 4 assists, before the injury, he has a good play, in the playoffs, Park played eight games, nba all star jerseys averaging debut 26.5 minutes, can get 15.9 points and 2.6 rebounds and 3.1 assists.


Parker has just made a milestone


In this game, Parker has just created a series of milestones, he became the history of the ninth playoff break 4000 points mark players, and he is also LeBron - James, nba shorts cheap the second in the post-season Race at the same time to get at least 4000 points and 1000 assists.


Parker has played 221 playoff games, surpassing Bryant, ranked fifth in history, only inferior to Fisher, Duncan, Horry and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


At the same time, Parker's playoff time ranking history 8; playoff score ranking history tenth; playoff assists ranking history 5; playoff hit the ball number ranked 10th.


Parker was a major blow to the Spurs


In this playoff, Parker is Leonard after the team's second scoring point, stephen curry t-shirt although about 35 years old, but Parker in the playoffs in the state is still brave, his injury also let the Spurs lost A key scoring point and an excellent ball player.


As a result of the holiday and injury, Parker in the regular season during a total of 19 games missed in the Park season after the reimbursement, the most likely to replace him as the starting point guard is the Mills, the latter in the playoffs are able to take To 9.4 points and 1.8 rebounds and 1.5 assists.


If Mills entered the starting line, then Ginobili also need to take on the bench more responsibility, at the same time, Parker injury will Murray's playing time increases.


However, Mills is not the traditional point guard, which is why Popovich likes to put him on the bench and Manu Ginobili partner reasons, if you want to keep the bench of the chemical reaction, basketball Jerseys cheap Popovich may also be Murray on the starting, his height can provide a better defense for the Spurs, Murray regular season in the first eight games, the Spurs record of 7 wins and 1 loss.


It is undeniable that no matter who ultimately succeeds, Parker's absence will affect the Spurs' entire lineup.


In addition, Parker's injury will not only affect the Spurs this season, but also have an impact on the offseason, which makes the Spurs do not have much salary space to operate, nba jerseys cheap especially in Gasol is expected to perform next season 14 million contract This is even more so, if Parker's injury was identified as the end of his career injury, then the Spurs can only be injured in Parker a year later, to apply for the end of the league injury special case.

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