In the last month's Nicks season ending news conference, the team new york knicks Jersey president Phil Jackson said he wanted to do three small work. The first one, expect to send Anthony through the deal this summer; the second, hoping to power more to the coach and the players next season; third, hoping to keep some young players. This means that the Knicks in this summer I am afraid it is difficult to clean up enough salary space, used to sign big.

This is of course justified, whether it is Fisher, Lambis or Horner, nba jerseys cheap whether it has been outgoing or the current Knicks coach, have talked about the importance of maintaining a stable lineup. So for the Knicks, they hope that in the new season to Baker, Justin - Holliday, Enduor and Marshall - Plumley such young players continue to stay in the team. But if the Knicks do so, it means that they will be completely out for the big free agent for the fight.


The Knicks have a total of eight players in the contract, cheap basketball jerseys if they get the first pick in the draft, which means that they will increase in the 2017-18 salary table $ 3.8 million. Of course, if the Knicks drift, give up all the team options, as much as possible to clean up the salary space, then in accordance with the current salary cap trajectory, the Knicks will have about 19 million of space, you can attract free agents. This will be much lower than the first year of the top salary of the players (note, in the league campaign 0-6 years of the players, the new season starting salary of about 25.2 million US dollars).


19 million US dollars to attract how to grade the free agent? It is not clear at this time, but it does not even seem enough to attract players like Teague and Horley.


So how does the Knicks need to clean up more payroll? Trading Anthony is a way for his next season's annual salary of $ 26,244,000, according to regulations, the Knicks can trade, knicks jersey at least get 20.9155 million US dollars contract. In this way, you can release the $ 5 million space. Of course, the Knicks can also choose to use the extension of the terms cut Noah, but it seems they do not intend to do so.


$ 24 million, it seems that the Knicks can clean up the biggest space this summer, this figure is based on the team to give up on the basis of Baker, Enduor, Justin - Holliday and Marshall - Plumley It seems that Phil Jackson does not intend to do that.


If the Knicks intend to implement the players of the team options, then probably need to spend $ 5.2 million in space. If the Knicks can successfully deal with Anthony, nba shorts cheap then the team this summer can clean up the salary space is still about 19 million US dollars. Obviously, this space is not enough to attract big players to join. Moreover, for the Knicks, and Rose contract has not been completely ruled out the option.


So do not expect the Knicks in this summer set off waves, the team's biggest return may be through the draft to get a high position of young people, or through the Anthony's get the players. But it is not a bad thing for the Knicks to come back. Through the draft and young players, down-to-earth reconstruction, in the impression, the exaggerated Knicks have not used this way for many years.

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